Its 20th May 2007. The digital clock screams it’s 1.20 AM and what the hell are you doing.. i grinned and told, i am chasing my dreams. Yes i am really doing. Do you believe in dreams ? You have to.  At least my 24 year old life has taught this to me. Let me elaborate on this.

What is a dream?

In simple terms, dream is a imaginary cloth woven with the reflection of your thoughts. If that was not so simple, try this. Dream is a complex visual which is everything but real.

When i say everything i really mean it. This doesn’t mean that dreams cannot be real. We have to turn our dream a reality. In our life there are certain limitations which we cannot cross because of our current position / commitment. But in dreams, we have no limitations.  We can design our platform, actors, relationships, actions actually Everything.

Since  childhood we have had lot of dreams. But How many follow ?  To add the punch let me rephrase, How many chase ? When we start to live in our dream, our thoughts, characteristics and eventually our actions will get aligned to our dreams. If we dream for good, in reality we will do good.

Do dreams change ?

Yes it will. In real life, change is the only thing that doesn’t change. This holds good for dreams too. Our dreams change because we change, our thoughts mature and our actions get refined.

How to turn dream a reality ?

I hate the way the word DayDreaming being interpreted. There is nothing wrong dreaming in daytime. Actually its good. It will help us to build our castle, but in dream. We need to add actions to our dream to build our castle, in reality.

Dreams are the fuel for our life. I strongly feel, if we don’t dream we won’t progress. We need to work hard to turn our dream a reality.

Whatever it takes, chase your dream and do keep in mind that there is no substitute for Hard work.

The digital clock in my bedroom again screams it’s 2.20 AM and what the hell are you doing.. i again grinned and told good night. SWEET DREAMS 🙂